Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Now you wonder why I opened with such a statement. Well today is the day I opened up my own Etsy shop online. You can purchase any of my photography and prints of my artwork.
If you would like to take a squiz, just follow this link...

In light of the new Avengers movie, here is a doodle, just for you.

Lauren out.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


During one of my many lost moment in thought, I started to think about striving for goals and achieving or failing them. I've often seen only two types of people; the one who exceeds beyond expectations and the one who is too lazy and/or scared of failure. I think many will agree with me that there is more of one than the other.

No, there are not 100 Albert Einstein's, so you picked the wrong type.

It's the scaredy-cats, the what if-ers and the ones who say all the things they want to do, but never actually take enough steps to get there. Is it because of the fear of failing that holds us back? It is proven that the human species is greatly influenced by how they are seen be others. How people perceive us has taken control and has hindered our ability to be able to achieve greatness and their  is only a small minority that actually push their limits and ignore the stares and remarks. If we all sat down and thought about it, it is only us to blame for reaching our mid 40's and saying "what have I done with my life". Is it better to get there and not be pointed at or ridiculed because you played the mediocre majority in society, or is it better the risk failing and learning from it and then pushing on to something amazing? Why do we choose plain vanilla?
I think people forget that we are a living miracle, so why don't we act like it?

My vow to myself is to start taking my steps to greatness.

If your reading this now, I ask you this.
Will you wake up tomorrow and choose not to be mediocre, and make yourself awe-inspiring, or will you run and continue your monotonous life you wish could be different?

Your move.

"You're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain like a rainbow!" - Korgoth (2006)

Lauren out.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Mine happens to be coming up shortly, and wether I want it to or not. It's like a compulsory reminder that we are one step closer to adult diapers and a nurse aid called Helga (may be a woman, who knows). But let's look at the bright side, it also gives us an excuse to be in good company, have fun and to eat whatever the hell you want, and not feel as guilty because it's your birthday.
What's on the menu for me?
Cake. Lot's of cake.

Has it occurred to anyone that pirates still exist? We'd all like to think they a witty and dead gorgeous, but actually, they all have rabies and/or scurvy, swear constantly and don't speak english.

Introducing Gilroy Rocket-Wrench. Protector of all things and stuff in space.

Lauren out.

Monday, March 19, 2012


I tend to find that the influences of high school culture can stick with some people. For some reason you were embroidered with a status that stuck with you forever and 'made you who you are'.
The A, B and C group.
Congratulations, you can say the alphabet.
But what gives people the right to judge others just because they believe it is right or wrong? Cool or uncool? Awesome or stupid? I understand with children and teenagers, because really, 99% of them don't have the intellect to be able to tell it's ridiculous, but for adults to still act under this social 'rule' is absurd. I'll admit that I am guilty of such stupidity, but at least I've identified it, gave myself a mental face slap and have started to move on.

The other annoying school tradition is the art of gossiping. Has no one played Chinese Whispers? (If not, slap your parents/friends. It was a great game). Let's hope it doesn't take too long for people to realise that gossiping only leads to false information, twisting of words and only makes people upset.
People, grow some man balls and just ask straight up if you want to know something. And if you get the filthy pleasure of talking behind people's backs, then grab the electrical tape from the third draw and keep your trap shut.

Lesson learned? 
Don't be a twat, man balls and chinese whispers is great.

DaftPunkTronDeadSpace Man!

Lauren out.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Well, there always comes a time in ones life when things get a little rough. But we must remember that our struggles and hardships define who we are, and what we are capable of. Think of it as peanut butter. There are times when it sticks to the top of your mouth, like wallpaper glue. It all seems unfair and unjustified sometimes. After struggle and frustration, wearing yourself out and all seems too hard, you are granted with the sweet, salty goop that is peanut butter, and the satisfaction spreads over you. You did it, you won!
Although some situations aren't as delicious as peanut butter.

Who has a number for an orthodontist?

Lauren out.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Since when was it so that women had more balls than men? Come on fellas, if you work so hard at trying to be tough, how about man up and step up to the line? Sheesh. Also, when was it possible to go to sleep one night super healthy, and then wake up crook as a dog?
Night time booger monsters. Must be the answer. For both situations.

Dah-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh Space Mang!

Lauren out.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Albert Einstein was an incredible man. Not for his achievements, but for the fact that he always believed in pushing ourselves to our limits, and then breaking past them. Believed in the power of imagination and the strength of knowledge over information. He is one of the greatest legends of the past.
But why are individuals like himself only found in the past? What's happened to the fire in the people that shows the spirit found in previous heroes. I want to find it, in myself and other people.

In other news, I ate half a packet of tea biscuits today. The highlight. Is that sad? No way!

Here is your next doodle. Gorillaz inspired, the ideas you can get from google image search.

Lauren out.